What happens to run-off agrochemicals on a golf course? Should we be worried?

By their very nature, pesticides cause damage to specific organisms. Those designed to eradicate insects, kill insects – those designed to destroy weeds, kill weeds.
And in a similar way, fertilizers are designed to encourage growth and promote plants flourishing.

These are necessary chemicals on a golf course. We need to control pests, and we need to support and encourage turfgrass growth and health. So we spray. We spray lots of various products and chemicals. Pesticides, fertilizers, growth inhibitors… the list goes on.

But what happens to these products and chemicals that aren’t used up on the turf or the chemicals that land in water-ways on the golf course? Is there an environmental impact? We would be foolish to say anything – but yes!

The USGA has compiled some interesting information regarding run-off of chemicals on golf courses.
Take a look over here – http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/course-care/digitalcollections/nutrient-and-pesticide-fate.html

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