Organic Golf Course Maintenance – another interesting article from GCM Online

The topic of “Chemicals vs Organic” is a never-ending discussion – especially on golf courses. There are always people with great points on either side of the debate or discussion. The Vineyard Golf Club has become well recognised as a success story of Organic Maintenance practices. Take a look at the article by GCM where they discuss 3 key points …

Annual Contact Sessions a great success!

Last month the 2nd year students met at various venues around South Africa to reflect on their academic progress and prepare for their upcoming exams. This group of students work on golf courses around KZN. We had a great morning at Kloof Country Club.

2019’s new rules

The 1st January 2019 will see some rule changes in the golfing world. …So just how will this affect the game? Take a look at this breakdown of the various changes that the USGA has put together.

PGA article – 11 Times rules of golf were broken (Sometimes in a bizarre fashion)!

Take a look at the article below from the PGA website that discusses 11 note-worthy times when the rules of golf were broken. As we kick off our academic year with a module that looks at how the rules of golf influence maintenance practices on the golf course I think this should be a good article to go through.

Tiny Trouble makers – Ants!

Pests can take on many shapes and sizes – but one (which is so common that I guarantee you have either stepped on one or seen one today) is not often discussed. Ants. These little critters can be an absolute nuisance and cause a substantial amount of trouble on the golf course. This article from “Grounds” talks about how …

…just for laughs!!

Every now and again we need to stop taking things too seriously and have a good laugh. Thank you Golf Digest for providing us with some giggles!